Trendy, joyful, refined, colourful, and stylish Just a few remarkable characteristics with which the Lisianthus is appreciated by both young and old. Even at the florist’s! The flower inspires, since we often encounter it in bridal bouquets as well as in bouquets with a summery touch.

Did you know that the Lisianthus originally stems from Mexico? Over there, the flower grows at high temperatures and lots of sunlight. When the Lisianthus was just cultivated in the Netherlands, it was therefore only possible to grow it during the summer period. Nowadays, the Lisianthus is cultivated year-round. At Van der Lugt Lisianthus the climate in the greenhouse is adjusted in such way that during the winter the same quality can be supplied as during the summer. A proper lighting, the correct temperature by heating and screens are keywords at that.

Van der Lugt Lisianthus cultivates the Lisianthus in sixteen appealing colours, subdivided in the single flower and double flower variety.

Petty fact

Lisianthus is a combination of the Ancient Greek words ‘lysis’ and ‘anthos’. They mean bitter and flower, respectively. These words refer to the bitter taste of some medicinal plants. Lisianthus therefore means bitter flower. Strange indeed for a flower which brings happiness to so many people!



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