Care tips

Suggestions for cultivation

How can the Lisianthus flourish at its best? An important question - since with the proper care you will enjoy your flowers longer.

We gladly provide you with the following suggestions: 


Keep the Lisianthus away from sunlight.


Cut the stem at an angle, so that it can better absorb water.


Put the bouquet in a clean vase with clean, lukewarm water as quickly as possible, without petals in the water.

A petal in the water might cause bacteria. Use nutrition for cut flowers, also when adding water to the vase. In this way, you can enjoy your flowers about one week longer.


Prevent strong temperature fluctuations and do not put them in the draught.

When you purchase a bunch of Lisianthus, please pay attention to the ripeness of the flowers. At least two to three flowers on one branch have to be open, which is better for storage life.


Does your florist not sell Lisianthus? Feel free to ask him or her!

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