Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is self-evident for Van der Lugt Lisianthus. Already for years, we have cultivated in a durable fashion, paying attention to the environment, the people in our company, and to hygiene and safety.
Therefore, Van der Lugt Lisianthus participates in the MPS (environmental project for ornamental plant cultivation) verification mark.
Eligible cultivators cultivate in a responsible manner and comply with all environmental and safety requirements.
We produce heat and CO2 in an environmentally friendly way. Residual heat is supplied to the neighbours.


MPS started out in 1993 as a regional environmental project for ornamental plant cultivation.
Currently however, it is an organisation which is active in over forty countries.
With the foundation of MPS, steps were made towards market-oriented and corporate social responsbility.
MPS developed a certification scheme in order to decrease environmental burdens in the ornamental plant cultivation branch.
Among other things, for granting the certificate the use of crop protection means, fertilisers, energy, and waste are assessed.



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